Aamir Khan Talks About Losing weight public reaction

Aamir Khan Talks About Losing Weight For Dangal

“user”: “Monzur Murshed”,
“commentText”: “Bakwas idea”

“user”: “Camaro Bro”,
“commentText”: “Salute amir jee”

“user”: “saima ansari”,
“commentText”: “Sir agr gal bhut zada nikla ho to kaise kam.kare”

“user”: “Talha Ali”,
“commentText”: “How simple formula he told”

“user”: “Riya 1020”,
“commentText”: “super yar”

“user”: “King Raja”,
“commentText”: “Really great advice”

“user”: “William John”,
“commentText”: “My body burns 1 million calories in a minute what should I eat maybe Ganesh is like me”

“user”: “H P Group”,
“commentText”: “Best actor in the world”

“user”: “Super Girl”,
“commentText”: “20% fat, 30% protein and 50% carbohydrates,balanced diet? What about vitamins like vegetables and all?”

“user”: “Quazi Nasim Akhtar Razvi”,
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“user”: “rhea choudhry”,
“commentText”: “Great sir….”

“user”: “Mohd Asif”,
“commentText”: “Aamir bhai u r great…. Sprb … ..boss”

“user”: “Sohaib Ejaz”,
“commentText”: “Good Bhai”

“user”: “Mohd Iqbal”,
“commentText”: “amazing”

“user”: “Krupal Trivedi”,
“commentText”: “Ye to gym me J*ne Wala h*r k*i janta h*ta h*i or y*ha Kuch bew*kuf aeise c*mm*nt de rahe hai jeise i$$ne d*niya ki sab*e secr*t b*t inhi k* Bata di h* ?”

“user”: “Vishwesh Keskar”,
“commentText”: “Chu*** banane ka dhanda hai aur kuch nahi..”

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“user”: “shahbaz akhtar”,
“commentText”: “Wow nice advise im great thankful to you Mr.perfet thank u so much”

“user”: “Angel thapa magar”,
“commentText”: “Thank a lot”

“user”: “Shabana Nikhat”,
“commentText”: “how should we know proper amount of calories intake and how much we r working out”

“user”: “Mypon Drop / Beat //”,
“commentText”: “Can be one of the best teachers if he works as.”

“user”: “Pathan Imran Khaan”,
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“user”: “Gurpreet Kaur”,
“commentText”: “its a strong task to accomplish…really a motivational work”

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“user”: “Lucy Hartibucy”,
“commentText”: “Wow, Great Explanation, Love u Aamir Sir??”

“user”: “Hermit Ally”,
“commentText”: “Steroids par Kitna Kharch Kiya Saale? Yeh Bhi Bata De!”

“user”: “Zafar Shah Razak”,
“commentText”: “Amir Bhai kitna injection lagayi wo tu bolo bas kya yaar may khud body builder hoo I no tumne kya lagaya hai jhootmat bolo ok tc”

“user”: “sonu kumar”,
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“user”: “zubair khan”,
“commentText”: “jabardast”

“user”: “Shamsher Singh”,
“commentText”: “Amir sir best”

“user”: “SAHARI DABANG”,
“commentText”: “Kya kya khaye ye to bataye”

“user”: “Rainee Medhi”,
“commentText”: “Thank you sir?”

“user”: “ambuj shukla”,
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“user”: “mudoana karttiek”,
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“user”: “Love is Life”,
“commentText”: “100% right sir”

“user”: “Sanyam Mehta”,
“commentText”: “He took stanazolol ?”

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“user”: “Anders Anderson”,
“commentText”: “waw”

“user”: “JASHAN BRAR”,
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“user”: “biju chekkattu”,
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“user”: “Khushneet Singh”,
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“user”: “Nazim Wani”,
“commentText”: “Magic of anobolic pdls steriods”

“user”: “Toni Tatin”,
“commentText”: “The way he explained ???”

“user”: “Tremendos HD”,
“commentText”: “Subtitles would have been cool”

“user”: “Sachin Kumar”,
“commentText”: “Aapne Kay khaya diet me”

“user”: “Sanober Khan”,
“commentText”: “Nice information ???”

“user”: “HANUMAN prasad. vedwal”,
“commentText”: “H P Vedwal”

“user”: “Foya Khan”,
“commentText”: “Thanks”

“user”: “Rinkesh Kumar”,
“commentText”: “Thank you Aamir sir….”

“user”: “Kapil Kumar”,
“commentText”: “In short Diet, Exercise, Rest and Steroids”

“user”: “Imran Khan”,
“commentText”: “Aise bandey saadiyon me ek paida hote hai”

“user”: “Afreen Shaikh”,
“commentText”: “Right love you amir Khan”

“user”: “Ankita Dubey”,
“commentText”: “That’s why I don’t gain weight…yar I can’t get rid of calorie count”

“user”: “gnalebomo”,
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“user”: “jake roberts”,
“commentText”: “Amir still looks jacked. Looks very lean still.”

“user”: “Kunal Kumthekar”,
“commentText”: “Dawa hai use anabolic tablets kehte hai, which shots up the muscle in body”

“user”: “Deepak por las Indias”,
“commentText”: “ASE bate karta hai.. Jaise iski life kitni mushkil hai..”

“user”: “Mahtab Khan”,
“commentText”: “You r grt sir”

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“user”: “Aslam Khan”,
“commentText”: “Thanks”

“user”: “ahmed shareef”,
“commentText”: “awasome”

“user”: “Tejender Kapil”,
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“user”: “Raushan Singh”,
“commentText”: “Ye bc calories kaise count kre…??”

“user”: “Roman Empire”,
“commentText”: “That’s beautiful as a beginner in fat loss I was trying to get some diet plans . I searched a lot in internet but couldn’t find an appropriate one . but sir you are awesome . this is the best”

“user”: “Chakravarthi Rayarala”,
“commentText”: “amir ji thussy great ho”

“user”: “Hojo”,
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“user”: “Raja Ali”,
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“user”: “Farooq Butt”,
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“user”: “Prince kumar”,
“commentText”: “Nice phoghat”

“user”: “Shubham Dixit”,
“commentText”: “Amir khan is great in his life most amazing men in the world”

“user”: “mohd asad”,
“commentText”: “Amir ur brain mashaAllah”

“user”: “dk music”,
“commentText”: “bhai motapa hota hi kyu ha \nkana k maja hi ni laskta”

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“user”: “Alam Shah”,
“commentText”: “From today i would be starting”

“user”: “Aziz h”,
“commentText”: “Good”

“user”: “Rohit Gaware”,
“commentText”: “Nic”

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“user”: “Deepika Bhor”,
“commentText”: “Sahi bola isne”

“user”: “Pravash Paul”,
“commentText”: “Why don’t these actors tell the f**king truth that they were on gear..one can’t have these muscle quality and dryness without being on gear..”

“user”: “Din Islam”,
“commentText”: “Fat loss and muscle build together very tuff job. Salute boss”

“user”: “H4U”,
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“user”: “Gibol Banat”,
“commentText”: “Anyone who can translate plz”

“user”: “Jasbinder Singh”,
“commentText”: “thank you so much Sir”

“user”: “Kamal Sharma”,
“commentText”: “ok”

“user”: “Sujan Ghosh”,
“commentText”: “excellent”

“user”: “manju chaudhari”,
“commentText”: “Amir khan perfect”

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“user”: “RAHUL PATNAIK”,
“commentText”: “Sala steroid leke yaha gyaan baant raha hai”

“user”: “M Suleiman”,
“commentText”: “kon so green tea hai plz batye”

“user”: “gourab saha”,
“commentText”: “He used Steroids.Nobody can gain so much muscle mass in 5 months and in 50 yrs of age.”

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“user”: “parth2488”,
“commentText”: “Very well explained in short n simple way”

“user”: “Bipana Bhattarai”,
“commentText”: “This man never stops amazing me. ?”

“user”: “amita rani”,
“commentText”: “ek dam sahi Hai sir., kyuki Maine bhi कैलोरो count Kar hi deit plan Kiya aur Mai 71 kg de 65 kg me as far.”

“user”: “Ahad Khan Ali”,
“commentText”: “I love you amir khan iam from pakistan and I study in class 7 and iam your very big fan”

“user”: “Love Garry”,
“commentText”: “thanks sir”

“user”: “nivi keshri”,
“commentText”: “good aamir …..”

“user”: “Taruna Sharma”,
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“user”: “Manasi Parekh”,
“commentText”: “Amaze”

“user”: “Zulfikar Abdulaziz”,
“commentText”: “Very honest feedback”

“user”: “Mani Cs”,
“commentText”: “nobody queationed his wieght loss it’s about how at 50 and lesser tesosterone levels, did he manage to gain muscle mass.”

“user”: “Somnath Balaji”,
“commentText”: “Can someone translate this to English in a brief note?”

“user”: “chinnuz1234”,
“commentText”: “steroids”

“user”: “AT”,
“commentText”: “Haan bhai ye bhi bata dein steroids kitna lena h and kab lena h”

“user”: “Ghanshani Chirag”,
“commentText”: “last line ?”

“user”: “golipasi”,
“commentText”: “aamir to perfectionist hai har kam me haha”

“user”: “ChambalHere”,
“commentText”: “hatsoff\n\nppl dont want to hear the truth.they want a magical solution\n\nwow Aamir”

“user”: “TheSuperber”,
“commentText”: “explains better than 90 percent of trainers dieticians !!!”

“user”: “Malik Hafeez”,
“commentText”: “thnx amir”

“user”: “Mubarik Saleem”,
“commentText”: “its very helpful idea to reduce wieght thanks amir u r great man”

“user”: “WhyLife?”,
“commentText”: “Honest one!!”

“user”: “Musa Khan”,
“commentText”: “waki me yeh Mr perfectionist hai bohot ala”

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