Apple watch hand-washing and sleep tracking features

During last week’s WWDC, Apple ‘s technology vice-president, Kevin Lynch, spent some time in watchOS7 with outlets such as The Guardian, CNET and the Tech Crunch to address the latest Apple Watch Sleep Tracking and Hand Clean.

While a number of third-party apps offer a very detailed sleep study, Apple ‘s sleep monitoring is fairly simple, with a focus on sleeping length, activity disruptions and heart rate. Lynch said to CNET it was an deliberate decision to make this simplicity, adding that Apple was doing testing and finding extra data not completely useful.

“The arm movement is an input, but it isn’t a complete image of what’s happening inside the brain,” Lynch said in an example.

“You can’t really train for more or less REM stages,” he said. “We decided like it wasn’t the right way for Apple to make a difference in sleep. We’ve focussed our efforts on moving from one bed to another, which seems much more actionable and should boost people’s sleep throughout the night.

Lynch said that Apple decided that the most significant measurement is sleep duration through analysis.

Naturally, Apple is now in the 5th edition of its watch range, so the older 3 range is a budget choice for smartwatch buyers. Some of the newer features of the show, such as ECG, fall detection, and a constant display, are missing, but there are everything you need. In our comprehensive practice in 2017 we scored a respectable 82 points and reviewer Chris Velazco notes its solid performance, great battery life and valuable fitness characteristics, including precise heart rate and activity monitoring.

The CDC and WHO guidelines suggest hand washing for at least 20 seconds and watchOS 7 aims to automatically detect while you’re washing your hands. It kindly leads you to keep walking, if you notice that you stopped washing your hands before the time is running out.

The iPhone medical app displays the frequency and duration of the hand washing of the user and also the value of handwashing for better safety. Hand washing sounds will not be registered or saved automatically with the Health App or Apple Watch.

After automatic discovery, a 20-second timer is initiated by hand washing.

Amazon sells the Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm) for $169, which is $30 cheaper than it is currently being sold by Apple and $10 cheaper than Amazon has ever sold. If you’ve been considering purchasing an Apple Watch entry-level (or you know someone who needs one), now is the perfect time to purchase one.

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