Apple’s App Store Rules Scrutinized in U.S. Antitrust Probe

Although Apple’s App Store had a tumultuous month with developers requesting improvements to the way apps are monetized, Apple is making it clear that they think third-party apps will fundamentally be updated in the next iteration of its operating systems on WWDC.

Apple introduced App Clips, a brand new third-party application, this week at WWDC, which scales the concept of a single feature or two around the web. A user can easily call up an App Clip by means of a URL, an NFC tag, or visual code. In many respects, this is yet another form of notification that has more restrictions on users, but Apple ‘s continuing ambitions follow to expand its own third-party integrations.

It is not only how apps are sold and discovered that can be transformed by Apple, but also how they operate fundamentally. It is clear that Apple is interested in an experience for third parties within iOS that is more contextually rich. The most aggressive implementation of this was the development of an internal app store within iMessage, although follow-up on this initiative was relatively weak. That may apply to other stock devices, but Apple will step past their inability to ship products that are not good enough for themselves.

The analysis reveals that work by Attorney General William Barr ‘s largest technology companies continues to expand within one year.
About a year into Apple Inc.’s US antitrust investigation, lawyers in the Justice Department investigate laws, which allow certain software developers to use the payment system in compliance with the experience of the individuals involved. Government lawyers met with the developers just last week and raised questions about the rules of Apple, which allow apps to use their App Store subscription payment program, said the people who declined a confidential lawsuit. If they use the payment system, apple pockets are limited to 30 percent.

Since mid-2019, the Department of Justice has been interviewing Apple developers. The investigation continues and no final decisions were taken as to whether a case should be brought.

The lawyers from the government also questioned developers about the method of evaluating the app store in an Apple investigation during which Apple reviewed or accepted or rejected an application on the basis of a set of criteria, the people said. They also addressed the application.

In recent weeks, Apple has been more and more struck. An antitrust investigation by the iPhone manufacturer was initiated by the European Union earlier this month. Regulators are especially worried about how many developers are forced to use their payment program from the App Store for subscriptions.

Two inquiries into the Apple App Store and Apple Pay activity by the European Commission were announced on 16 June. The first investigation will determine whether Apple’s App Store practices have violated EU antitrust laws. The second study investigates whether Apple has placed limits on the ability of its iPhones and Apple Watch for near-field communication (NFC) to prohibit banks and other financial institutions from providing Apple’s payment systems.

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