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A helicopter extinguishing fires at the explosion site on Tuesday.

Blame for Beirut Explosion Begins With a Leaky, Troubled Ship

The bleak tale of an indebted cargo vessel and its disgruntled crew is where a story of chronic negligence starts. It ended Tuesday in a giant explosion.15 hours

A Lebanese man carries his belongings as he leaves his destroyed house near the scene where an explosion hit on Tuesday the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020. Lebanese army bulldozers plowed through wreckage to reopen roads around Beirut's demolished port on Thursday as the government pledged to investigate the devastating explosion and placed port officials under house arrest. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Beirut explosion linked to Russian ship storing ammonium nitrate left in port, called ‘floating bomb’

Investigators probing the devastating blast in Beirut that killed at least 135 people and injured 5000 more are pointing to a Russian ship docked in the city’s port …9 hours

Wall Street Journal

Inside Beirut After the Explosion | WSJ

8 hours ago

Guardian News

Beirut explosion: protesters demand political change as Macron tours city

4 hours ago


Beirut port employees detained in investigation after devastating explosion sparks fury

The detentions come after Lebanese President Michel Aoun promised a transparent investigation into the causes of the explosion, vowing Wednesday that …2 hours

Thick columns of black smoke are rising from the fiercely burning Monsanto Chemical Company, after the explosion of a cargo ship docked nearby at the harbor of Texas City, Texas, on April 16, 1947. The French vessel SS Grandcamp, loaded with ammonium nitrate fertilizer, exploded in a blast that caused a tidal wave and seismographs to register. The disaster left 576 people dead, the number of injured ranged in the thousands. (AP Photo)

A Texas explosion killed hundreds in 1947 with a blast some feared was an atomic bomb

Instead the catastrophe in Texas City was caused by the same material that apparently triggered a massive explosion in Beirut earlier this week: ammonium …5 hours

New York Post

Young girl and man pulled out alive from rubble hours after Beirut explosion | New York Post

3 hours ago


Lebanese bride happy to be alive after blast cuts short her wedding video

12 hours ago

ABC News

Beirut explosion aftermath, Hiroshima anniversary: World in Photos, Aug. 6

5 hours ago

Fact check

Was Beirut Explosion Caused By a Missile?

Video of a catastrophic explosion in Beirut was pretty shocking without being manipulated.6 hours


‘Every waking hour, every sleepless minute is punctuated by the sound of shattering and shattered broken glass.’

Lebanon is no stranger to disaster – but this is like nothing we’ve ever seen

Decades of stoic resistance in the face of tragedies has turned to rage after the devastating explosion in Beirut’s port, says Kim Ghattas, a senior fellow at …5 hours

The Hill

Why the US and its allies should keep Lebanon from blowing apart | TheHill

Further, the Trump administration and the Gulf Arab states remain deeply hostile to Hezbollah, which has a strong influence in the present Lebanese government.9 hours

Two men gaze at the devastated Beirut port from a damaged building in the nearby neighbourhood of Mar Mikaehl on August 6, 2020, two days after a massive blast there shook the Lebanese capital.

Reforms Are Now as Vital to Lebanon as Emergency Aid | Opinion

Macron’s own geo-political interests in Lebanon and France’s colonial history in the country may cast some pall on his credibility.7 hours

Washington Post

Opinion | After the Beirut explosion, enough is enough. This government must go.

8 hours ago


The scene of a massive explosion that destroyed parts of the port of Beirut on Aug. 4. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post)

Beirut’s blast and Lebanon’s deeper crisis

The explosion in the Lebanese capital was the most visceral blow yet for a society that has endured generations of trauma and for a nation governed by an …11 hours

From Twitter

Quentin Sommervilleverified_usersommervilletvMacron mobbed in Beirut. Down with the regime, locals chanted, and called for Revolution while declaiming Lebanon’s President Aoun. AM

Borzou Daragahi 🖊🗒verified_userborzouStunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port 9:47 AM

Quentin Sommervilleverified_usersommervilletv”Help us. Please help us. What are you doing to help us?” AM

Nabihverified_usernabihbulosHuge explosion in #Beirut 8:54 AMView on Twitterarrow_forward

Frequently asked questions

Where is ammonium nitrate used for?

Used to make fertilizers and explosives, and as a nutrient in producing antibiotics and yeast. Ammonium nitrate is the ammonium salt of nitric acid. It has a role as a fertilizer, an explosive and an oxidising agent.Ammonium nitrate | NH4NO3 – PubChem

All coverage

Fox News

Heartstopping video shows Lebanese bride posing for shoot moments before massive explosion rocked capital

A stunning video recorded Tuesday captures a Lebanese bride in Beirut moments before a massive explosion that killed 135 people and injured thousands of …Yesterdaymore_vert

TRT World

Former member of Israel’s Knesset calls Beirut blast ‘a gift from God’

10 hours ago

Viral video of bride during Beirut explosion is Detroit medical student

She was dressed in her wedding gown and smiling into the camera seconds before the explosion.4 hours

MSN Money

The ship carrying the ammonium nitrate that blew up in Beirut was abandoned in 2014 by a Russian businessman, who has said nothing since the explosion

A Russian businessman, Igor Grechushkin, has been named as the owner of the ship that brought 2750 tons of explosive material to Beirut.10 hours

The Hill

Pentagon sends 3 cargo planes to Lebanon filled with aid as questions on blast remain | TheHill

The Pentagon is flying aid to Lebanon following the massive explosion that killed at least 150 people and injured thousands more in Beirut and has caused …4 hours

ABC News (Australia)

Ammonium nitrate stockpiles in Australia called into question following Beirut blast | ABC News

13 hours agoInternational

Amal and George Clooney Donate $100,000 to Lebanese Charities in the Wake of the Beirut Explosion

Amal and George Clooney are donating to three charities in Lebanon after the massive explosion in Beirut that killed over 100 people and injured at least 5000.2 hours

UN News

‘Immediate humanitarian assistance’ mobilized in force, to support Beirut after deadly blast

The response to Tuesday’s explosion in Beirut requires global support in order to “surmount the devastating impact” of the crisis facing the Lebanese people, the …3 hours


Israel is in shock, in a sickening show of hypocrisy

Official Israel presented itself as shocked at the disaster that struck its neighbor, Lebanon, yesterday. Almost everyone put on a sorrowful face. Except for Richard …YesterdayOpinionmore_vert

The Times of Israel

Rebuffed by Lebanon, Israelis seek workarounds to get help to Beirut

With direct assistance seemingly off table, doctors at Sheba draw up plan to treat victims in third country and aid group collects items to send from North America …8 hours

MSN Money

Beirut’s accidental cargo: how an unscheduled port visit led to disaster

By Maria Vasilyeva. a person standing next to a body of water posing for the camera: Boris Prokoshev © Reuters/BORIS MUSINCHAK Boris Prokoshev, captain …9 hours


Beirut’s accidental cargo: How an unscheduled port visit led to disaster

MOSCOW — The chemicals that went up in flames in Beirut’s deadliest peace-time explosion arrived in the Lebanese capital seven years ago on a leaky …8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

DW News

Why was the Beirut blast so massive? Ammonium Nitrate explosion explained | DW News

15 hours ago

Israel’s Tel Aviv lights up with Lebanon flag

The colours of the Lebanese flag lit up the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Wednesday in solidarity with the country following Tuesday’s deadly blast in Beirut. It was a …8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert


Macron says France will organize international aid conference for Lebanon

Share. QR. Copied. Translating… *Content* is automatically generated by Microsoft Azure Translator Text API. CGTN is not responsible for any of the translations.5 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Offering to help Lebanon doesn’t mean hailing its flag

It is one thing for Jerusalem to offer assistance, but it quite another that Tel Aviv cover its municipal building with the flag of that enemy country as a symbol of …7 hours agoOpinionmore_vert

Channel 4 News

Grief turns to anger in Beirut as hunt for explosion survivors continues

5 hours agoInternational

New York Post

At least one American killed, several injured in Beirut blast

At least one American was killed and several more were injured in the explosion in Beirut that claimed at least 137 lives, the US Embassy said.12 hours

One moment, they were filming the bride in her wedding dress. Then came the explosion

Dr. Israa Seblani was posing in a white wedding gown on the streets of Beirut moments before the blast.Yesterdaymore_vert

Yahoo! Voices

Maps show scale of massive Beirut explosion as if it happened in London or New York

Tuesday’s blast has killed at least 137 people with dozens of others still missing.7 hours

Yahoo! Voices

Protesters call for ‘fall of the regime’ as France’s Macron visits Beirut in wake of deadly explosion

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beirut to a mob calling for “the fall of the regime,” in the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed Lebanon’s main …12 hours

Beirut Explosion Survivor Recalls Chaotic Aftermath: ‘Beyond Anything I Can Even Comprehend’

Hussein Charafeddine tells PEOPLE about the chaotic moments following the Aug. 4 explosion, which destroyed his building and neighborhood.3 hours

The Moscow Times

Cyprus Police Question Russian Over Lebanon Disaster

The police spokesman said Igor Grechushkin was not arrested, but asked specific questions relating to the ship’s cargo as requested.7 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

How judges responded to warnings about ammonium nitrate stored at the Beirut port

Newly released documents suggest multiple government agencies in Lebanon were informed about ammonium nitrate being housed at a warehouse in Beirut …2 hours

AFP News Agency

Macron meets Lebanese president Aoun for talks following Beirut blast | AFP

11 hours agoInternational

The blast has killed at least 149, injured 5,000 and left hundreds of thousands homeless (File)

US Delivers First Batch Of Food, Water, Medical Supplies To Blast-Devastated Beirut

The US military on Thursday delivered a first batch of food, water and medical supplies to Lebanon, two days after a massive explosion devastated Beirut and …3 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Lebanon explosion: What Beirut needs to recover

Lebanon needs food, medicine, shelter, and mental health support after the blast. Many say aid should go to civil society, not the government.4 hours

The sinister message behind ‘Israel just gives aid for PR’ – analysis

Israel, as a world leader in search and rescue missions and disaster response, has a lot to offer Lebanon in its time of great need.8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Beirut Residents Describe the Trauma of the Explosion

I found my house completely destroyed. The windows and doors were all broken.”9 hours

Taiwan News

Captain astonished that his ship delivered Beirut explosive

MOSCOW (AP) — When Boris Prokoshev, a former sea captain spending his retirement years in a Russian village, woke up and found an email saying a ship he …4 hours


Search continues after deadly Beirut blast: Live updates

French President Emmanuel Macron has said “unconditional help is the priority” in the wake of the devastating Beirut blast, but also warned that unless reforms …3 hours


Lebanese hospitality on full display as blast leaves thousands homeless

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Chemical In Beirut Explosion Was Also Linked To Two Texas Disasters

For some, Tuesday’s deadly explosion in Beirut, which officials say was caused by thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate, was a grim reminder of a 2013.2 hours


Wedding video captures Beirut explosion

Share. QR. Copied. Translating… *Content* is automatically generated by Microsoft Azure Translator Text API. CGTN is not responsible for any of the translations.13 hours

BEIRUT, LEBANON - AUGUST 05: An aerial view of ruined structures at the port, damaged by an explosion a day earlier, on August 5, 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut explosions stoke fears of coronavirus spike as hospitals are overwhelmed

“There is no doubt that our immunity in the country is less than before the explosion and this will affect us medium- to long-term. We desperately need aid,” …59 minutes

New York Post

Authorities question owner of ship linked to Beirut blast

Igor Grechushkin, owner of the MV Rhosus, was questioned at his home in the Mediterranean island nation on Thursday afternoon.4 hours

An aerial photo shows the scene of a mammoth blast that hit the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon, Aug. 5, 2020. A ragged crater, at right, was created by the explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored for years with few safeguards, despite warnings. (Hussein Malla/AP)

For Lebanese, government dysfunction has a new, tragic cost

For Lebanese people tired of widespread corruption and dysfunctional government, the Beirut blast was a tragic affirmation of their grievances.3 hours

Emergency aid from around the world lands in Lebanon

The blast centred on the city’s port caused massive destruction and killed at least 135 people, heaping misery on a country in crisis.14 hours

Ex-Knesset Lawmaker Calls Beirut Blast ‘God’s’ Gift, Hopes It Was Israel’s Strike on Hezbollah

The tragic incident, which according to the first estimates was caused by an explosion of ammonium nitrate stored in the port, reportedly claimed the lives of over …12 hours agoInternationalmore_vert


The moment a Lebanese woman’s bridal shoot was interrupted by Beirut blast

13 hours agoInternational

Yahoo News

Humanitarian efforts underway in Lebanon following deadly Beirut blast

This is the heartwarming efforts of the Lebanese people to rebuild and resume their lives following the deadly blast in Beirut on Tuesday. Footage from Thursday …14 hours

More than 50,000 sign petition calling for France to take control of Lebanon

“We believe Lebanon should be placed under French mandate in order to establish clean and durable governance,” reads a petition that has collected more …8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

How did so much ammonium nitrate make it to Port of Beirut? | #TheCube

An investigation by The Cube has tracked down a ship that arrived in the Lebanese capital nearly seven years ago.8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Sky News

Beirut explosion: Emmanuel Macron says Lebanon needs new ‘political initiative’ because of corruption

The French president said people are “very nervous against their politicians” as he visited Beirut on Thursday.8 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

French and Lebanese firemen search in the rubble of a building after the Tuesday explosion at the seaport of Beirut, in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020. Lebanese officials targeted in the investigation of the massive blast that tore through Beirut sought to shift blame for the presence of explosives at the city's port, and the visiting French president warned that without serious reforms the country would "continue to sink." (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

The Associated Press

US aid begins flowing to Lebanon in wake of deadly explosion

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States on Thursday began delivering aid to Lebanon in the aftermath of a massive deadly explosion, amid longstanding …4 hours

Bride Israa Seblani and her husband Ahmad Sbeih posing in the same place where they were taking their wedding photos yesterday at the moment of the explosion.

‘Now You Are Going to Die’: Beirut Bride Recounts Moment of Blast [Video]

Israa Seblani was posing for her wedding video when the camera captured the instant a deadly blast tore through the city.1 hour

The Times of Israel

Looking for Hezbollah in the rubble: What the press is saying on August 6

1. Where does Lebanon go from here? The aftermath of the Beirut explosion is continuing to reverberate through the Israeli press, as the nation takes stock of …10 hours

Beirut explosion highlights danger of Hezbollah’s guided munitions

The terrorist group also has a special terminal at the Beirut Port where it regularly unloads weapons that are shipped to Lebanon from Iran, the ‘Post’ has …11 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Airmen unload supplies that will provide humanitarian relief to citizens of Beirut. (Photo courtesy CENTCOM)

Air Force C-17s delivering relief to Beirut following deadly explosion

The first of at least three Air Force supply missions today brought 11 pallets of food, water, and medical supplies to Lebanon in the wake of Tuesday’s deadly …1 hour

A Beirut bride was posing for her wedding video when the explosion occurred

Israa Seblani’s long white veil trailed behind her. She gazed downward as the camera captured her smile and panned to her train, draped around her feet in a …3 hours The Straits Times

Anger mounts in Lebanon amid mourning for blast victims

Lebanon mourned the victims of the most powerful blast to hit the country that was already being crushed by an economic crisis, as rescuers continued …16 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Beirut crowds call for the ‘fall of the regime’ as Macron visits following explosion

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Beirut on Thursday following a devastating explosion, and he was surrounded by crowds calling for the “fall of the …10 hours

What is ammonium nitrate, the chemical in the deadly Beirut explosion?

The chemical compound, which is commercially available, is often used in fertilizers and explosives.3 hours


Container ships sent to Tripoli to keep Lebanon supply lines running

Leading container lines are diverting ships to Lebanon’s smaller terminal of Tripoli after the devastating explosion at Beirut’s port that killed 145 people also …9 hours

Lebanon explosion: Pregnant woman felt this boom just before her delivery

The lady -Emmanuelle- was getting ready to give birth in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital. She was admitted to St George’s hospital in Beirut. But just before the delivery …9 hours


Beirut blast kicks off blame game, but change will only arise from the rubble

Lebanon’s government understands it must produce the culprits for the Beirut disaster if it wants to survive □ But it’s the impoverished citizens who may have …3 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Will the Beirut explosion lead to political change in Lebanon?

Many Lebanese blame decades of corruption and mismanagement for allowing the disaster to happen.5 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Help Lebanon: Remove Hezbollah’s Stranglehold — and Its Dangerous Missile Stockpiles

If Hezbollah does capitalize on this disaster, it will accelerate Lebanon’s economic collapse, and hold the country hostage in a future war with Israel.9 hours

ABC News

After Beirut blast, protesters plead with French president for change

LONDON and PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron of France was mobbed by protesters calling for change after arriving in Beirut Thursday, as loved ones of …10 hours

Beirut: Port worker miraculously found alive at sea 30 hours after explosion

The rescued man was found at sea and rescuers pulled him on to their boat. He has been admitted to a hospital but his family is unable to trace his whereabouts …7 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Arab News

Lebanese open their doors to those left homeless by deadly blast

LONDON: Lebanese across the country have opened their houses to people left homeless by Tuesday’s explosion at Beirut port. “I see this as a chance to help …11 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

The Beirut explosion was six years in the making and hit a country on its knees

The Beirut explosion does not appear to have been an attack but rather caused by the same negligence responsible for bringing the country to its knees.9 hours

Volunteers cleaning the streets on Wednesday in Beirut, Lebanon, a day after the blast in the city’s port area.

How to Help Lebanon After Beirut Explosion

As the search for survivors continues, aid groups have mobilized to help treat the thousands of people wounded by the blast, which could be felt more than 150 …16 hours

MSN Money

After Beirut blasts, the race to save lives outweighs coronavirus safety

Hospitals were already under pressure in Beirut. The novel coronavirus was resurging, and the economy crashing. The government had declared another round …7 hours

Beirut explosion: international rescue workers fly in to boost search for survivors

Race begins to find alive those trapped in rubble of Lebanon’s capital after Tuesday’s enormous blast.10 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

The Times of Israel

Lebanon probes blast amid rising anger, calls for change

French president visits Beirut as world pledges aid, though it remains unclear how much will be given to notoriously corrupt government.12 hours

The Times of Israel

Countdown to Beirut catastrophe: A Russian businessman, a decrepit ship, a spark

The chronology of Lebanon’s disaster runs through the ship MV Rhosus, its allegedly dodgy owner, a volatile cargo and the authorities’ blatant disregard for …Yesterdaymore_vert

The Guardian

Beirut explosion: how you can help victims in Lebanon

The death toll stands at 135, with more than 5,000 injured and 300,000 homes badly damaged. There are several organisations seeking donations or funding.YesterdayInternationalmore_vert

As Death Toll From Beirut Blast Climbs, Focus Is On Mystery Ship And Why Deadly Cargo Was Abandoned

The Lebanese government says 137 people were killed by a huge explosion in the port of Beirut on Tuesday but dozens more are missing and 5000 people …13 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Beirut explosion: Footage shows how blaze sparked blast

Imad Khalil and Lena Allama were recording the Port of Beirut fire on their balcony when they were sent flying backwards into their apartment by the huge …2 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

US President Donald Trump reconsiders claim that Beirut was attacked

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he thinks the deadly explosion Tuesday in Lebanon that killed at least 100 people may have been an accident …16 hours

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers his speech during a news conference, following Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 6, 2020.

On Beirut visit, Macron says aid to go ‘directly to the people’, relief groups

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday that an international aid conference for disaster-hit Lebanon would be held soon.6 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

People chant against the government in Beirut while Emmanuel Macron was visiting.

‘Moment of reckoning’: angry Lebanese vow not to let leaders off the hook

As Emmanuel Macron promises aid will not go to corrupt hands, locals say ruling class’s credibility is finished.1 hour agoInternationalmore_vert

Fury in Lebanon as officials admit knowing stockpile could blow up Beirut

The death toll from the ammonium nitrate blast rises to 137 as the number of wounded reaches at least 5000, compounding public anger that erupted in protests …4 hours


‘We don’t want you’: Lebanese slam Israeli gesture in wake of Beirut blast

Tel Aviv Municipality’s decision to light up the City Hall building with Lebanon flag in solidarity causes uproar on social media, with many Lebanese users …11 hours agoInternationalmore_vert


Bride in viral Beirut blast video is a Doctor from Troy now struggling to return home

DETROIT, Mich. — In a viral video, a bride is seen taking photos moments before the deadly explosion in Lebanon. That woman is from Troy. Israa Al Seblani is …8 hours

Tel Aviv’s gesture of support for Lebanon proves controversial in Israel

The decision by the Tel Aviv municipality to light up city hall with the colours of the Lebanese flag caused controversy,with many on the right describing the …7 hours agoInternationalmore_vert

Moving Photo Shows ‘Heroine’ Beirut Nurse Holding 3 Newborns After Explosion: ‘Glimmer of Hope’

“People stand out amidst these violent and dark and evil circumstances and this nurse was up to the task,” photojournalist Bilal Jawich said of the image.8 hours

Lebanon explosion: When a wedding shoot got interrupted

Dr. Israa Seblani was celebrating her big day when a massive explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday. The blast killed more than 100 people and injured …13 hours

U.S. military to deliver relief supplies to Beirut after explosion

The U.S. military on Thursday delivered the first of three planned planeloads of relief supplies including food, water and medicine to Lebanon to help victims of …4 hours


Lebanon orders probe as blast toll now 137

The government of Lebanon has given an investigative committee four days to determine responsibility for the devastating explosion in Beirut port on Tuesday, …8 hours agoInternational

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