Best Mic for YouTube video making under 500 rupees

Here is a list of Best Mic under ₹500 rupees with 3.5 plus ratings

Mic for youtube video making under 500 rupees
1Like Star 3.5mm Clip Microphone For Youtube | Collar Mi...4.5(4)₹199
1Allmusic WS-858 Karaoke Mic with inbuilt Wireless Bluet...4.6(5)₹399
1NICK JONES Mini Karaoke Mic with Earphone Attached A Mi...4.1(13)₹329
1Blue Birds Mini Microphone Clear Voice, Microphone4(5)₹189
1ALLMUSIC WS-858 Wireless Handheld Bluetooth Mic with Sp...5(3)₹395
1CRETO New Metal series XB88 3.5 MM Professional Externa...4(5)₹227
1blue seed MINI C Microphone4(28)₹184
1GEMINOLOGY New Desing Collar Mic Microphone for All Mob...5(1)₹199
1Gentle E Kart Best Quality Coller Mic Clip Mic You tube...4(8)₹289
1YORA Wired caller mic hd Quality voice recording 3.5mm ...5(3)₹297
1SP TECH 3.5mm Clip Microphone For Youtube, Collar Mike ...4.5(4)₹199
1MX Dynamic Vocal Mic Multi-Purpose Microphones with XLR...4.2(31)₹499
1AFRODIVE Wireless Bluetooth Connection Microphone Mic f...5(3)₹408
1Padraig 858 KARAOKE Wireless Portable Handheld Bluetoot...4(4)₹380
1ALONZO WS-858 High Quality Sound Wireless Handheld Blue...4(4)₹380
1Duraxo Clip on Mini Microphone Microphone4.3(7)₹299
1Stockhawkers 3.5mm Jack Plug Mini Clip On External Micr...4(4)₹325
1F FERONS Karaoke Mic Microphone with inbuilt Wireless B...4(3)₹435
1STOCKHAWKERS Collar Mic (1.4 meter cable, for beginner ...4(3)₹325
1Edust 3.5mm Hands Free Computer Clip New mic Microphone...4(4)₹249
1BUY SURETY 3.5mm Clip Collar Microphone 3.5 mm Jack for...4(6)₹189
1LIFEMUSIC Mini 3.5mm Standard Connector Jack Condenser ...4(9)₹319

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