Donald Trump impeached | Other US presidents who have faced the same fate are here

On January 13, for the second time in his lifetime, Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives. Although he is the only American head of state to twice face stringent action, here are the past presidents of the United States facing impeachment.

The 17th American President, Democrat Andrew Johnson, was the first to be impeached in the history of the nation. Johnson was convicted for “high crimes and misdemeanours” by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on March 2, 1868. The motion was moved after Secretary of War Edwin M Stanton was dismissed. As the Senate’s approval was not sought for Stanton’s dismissal, the Republicans accused him of breaching the Term of Office Act. The House voted to impeach him, and three days later, the trial began in the Senate. Johnson was ultimately convicted, as the motion to impeach him fell short of a two-third majority vote by one vote.

In his second term, the House impeached Bill Clinton, a former two-time US president. For falsely lying under oath and obstructing justice, he was charged with “high crimes and misdemeanours”. Two big rows in which Clinton was involved were the basis for the motion. Civil servant Paula Jones lodged a charge of sexual assault against him in 1994. And Clinton’s notorious denial, in his testimony, of an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On October 9, 1998, the House voted to impeach him. As the motion failed to gain a two-third vote in the Senate, Clinton was acquitted.

On December 18, 2019, Trump was impeached for the first time. A three-month impeachment inquiry conducted by the Democrat-controlled House followed this. Based on the Ukraine affair, Trump was charged with “abuse of power” He was accused of forcing Ukraine to open an investigation against the son of former VP Joe Biden in favor of US military grants.

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