Every day in lockdown, the Duchess of Cambridge works out

Every day in lockdown, the Duchess of Cambridge works out

If in 2021, health is a priority for you, you’re in an excellent market. For the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, after marrying into the royal family, a solid fitness routine has not only been a staple of their lives, but a lifelong pursuit. And with the good news? It is reasonably straightforward to imitate their routines.

Although exercise and fitness are important to both Kate and Meghan, for two separate reasons, working out matters to them, says Roberta Fiorito, co-host of the Royally Obsessed podcast. Fiorito says that rivalry motivates Kate in an exclusive interview with Bazaar.com, while Meghan is more interested in health and the relation between the body and the mind.
Naturally athletic, Kate grew up as a child playing sports and is always interested in physical activity at royal engagements (competing against her husband, Prince William).

“We know that Kate is so competitive and outdoorsy,” Fiorito says. “She talked about how much she loves the outdoors, and they’re super competitive whenever there’s a sporting event she and William can participate in.”
Fiorito says one of Kate’s favourite activities is to go for a run in the grounds of Anmer Hall, her Norfolk country house, especially during lockdown. “This is something she probably keeps up with, even in the cold weather, all the time they spend at their home in Norfolk,” she says.
According to The Daily Mail, Kate also uses the swimming pool and tennis courts of Anmer Hall while in residence.
The Duchess is also a fan of skiing, cycling, and rowing, as shown by her appearance in the inaugural King’s Cup regatta with William in August 2019, in keeping with the trend of enjoying sport-focused workouts. At home, Fiorito reports that even when she can’t get on the water, Kate has an indoor rowing machine to help her retain her strength. “Because she practices, it comes naturally to her,” Fiorito says. “She works out every day and is really into planning as well, which makes sense because her heart is so fit.”

Fiorito says exercise is not about Kate’s physical appearance, but about empowering her three kids to have a healthier lifestyle. “For her, a lot of it gives George, Charlotte, and Louis a good example, saying, “Look at how important exercise is—I do it every day,” she says. “From being led by example, children take up habits, and Kate shows them how a healthy lifestyle looks and feels.”
Try yourself with Kate’s workout It can be as fun to work out like Kate as going for a stroll or running outside, anywhere you can find your lockdown. Grab a pal and get involved in a voracious tennis match if you don’t want to work out alone. Or, if it’s too cold to get outside, consider using a medicine ball or preparing your home’s warmth inside, and challenge yourself: Kate can keep a plank for more than 45 seconds, according to The Daily Mail, and does at least 10 reps.

Meghan: Everything is about health.
Working out for the Duchess of Sussex is less about rivalry and more about focusing and finding equilibrium. As such, many of Meghan’s workouts are solitary endeavours, ideal for this environment we are actually living in that is socially distant.
“Meghan is obsessed with yoga and is really into working out on the wellness and meditation side,” Fiorito says. “In her workouts, while Kate is more rigorous, Meghan is into more calming, meditative practices.”
She called it “hands down the best thing you can do for your body,” Pilates is also a hobby of Meghan’s, as she takes her dogs for walks and races.
Running has been rough on her knees as she got older, so she doesn’t run outside as much as she used to,” Fiorito reports.” But, she said she was going to run a marathon in 2015, so maybe she’s still running. She once said that ‘Running has always been my moving meditation medium, which I like because it helps me to get out of my own mind.’ She considers it meditative and restorative and wrote on The Tig [her former lifestyle blog] about it.’
But, above all, yoga is Meghan’s favorite method of exercise. Her grandma, Doria, was a yoga teacher, and since the age of seven, Meghan has been learning.
“Yoga is her thing,” Fiorito confirms. She sure somehow keeps it up, even though she’s busy. Throughout the day, she’ll settle for tiny 15-minute intervals, something she can get in. I’m sure there isn’t a lot of time for little Archie running around the house, but if she can get in Pilates or yoga for a little bit of time, she can get a full workout at the end of the day.

As Meghan, Prince Harry, and Archie’s 20-month-old son are currently locked in their home in Montecito, California, Fiorito says she has enough facilities on hand to stay fit. These include an indoor gym, a wet and dry sauna in the house, a pool to swim laps in, and a playground outside for Archie.
She says, “Their house is very conducive to lockdown exercises, and I’m sure she’s been doing workouts at home.” Who knows? You know? We might see Meghan venture into Santa Barbara and do yoga if we ever go back to the studio workouts.
Meghan studied with Toronto-based Craig McNamee in her previous career as an actress while shooting Suits in the Canadian region, according to Women’s Health. For 45 minutes, three- to four days a week, the pair will embark on full-body workouts.

“Fitness is definitely a priority for Megan; she is very focused on her health,” McNamee told Women’s Health. There’s no serious moaning when she gets to the gym. Right away, she gets down to business and really loves it.
And while she may not always be inspired to exercise like all of us, once she’s done, she never regrets it.”My health, my state of mind, the feeling you have after a workout, all of these things drive me to step on my mat or go to the gym,” she told Women’s Health. The thought of working out still sounds utterly awful, but I still remind myself how amazing it will feel afterwards. Euphoric, almost.
Fiorito suggests turning to an online subscription service like Obé, which packs a full workout into a 28-minute session, including yoga and Pilates, for a Meghan-inspired workout. Former trainer McNamee told Women’s Health that Meghan needs a lot of variety in her workouts, so he can split their sessions into four parts: five minutes of cardio (like the treadmill), five minutes of stretching, 30 minutes of circuit training, and five minutes of cool-down stretching. (Fiorito uses the service herself.)

For Meghan, the relation between the body and the mind is all about it,” adds Fiorito.” “Calming the mind and strengthening and lengthening the body is what Meghan likes, the connection between them.”
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