‘Herd Immunity’ in Sweden might be a few weeks away

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Swedish official Anders Tegnell says ‘herd immunity’ in Sweden might be a few weeks away

Sweden is accused of dangerously pursuing a ‘herd immunity’ coronavirus strategy. Its top COVID-19 official Anders Tegnell said it was ‘sustainable.’

Sweden says its coronavirus approach has worked. The numbers suggest a different story

Sweden has been an outlier during the coronavirus outbreak. The country has not joined many of its European neighbors in imposing strict limits on citizens’ …

Picnickers in Stockholm last week. Sweden has not restricted park use, and bars and restaurants have remained open.

‘Life Has to Go On’: How Sweden Has Faced the Virus Without a Lockdown

The country was an outlier in Europe, trusting its people to voluntarily follow the protocols. Many haven’t, but it does not seem to have hurt them.

The man with the epidemiologist tattoo – a very Swedish tribute

It’s not every day that the face of a chief epidemiologist is inked as a tattoo. But then it’s not every country that has tackled the coronavirus pandemic like Sweden

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Alfons López Tenaverified_useralfonslopeztenaSweden’s public health agency has been underestimating how many Swedes infected with coronavirus have been dying each day in several of its regular updates https://t.co/rJUwMUYtQRTwitter4/27/20 1:47 PM

Danny Boyleverified_userDannyBoyle87Sweden’s coronavirus experiment proves that the UK really is doing the right thing, writes Mark Brolin https://t.co/hnKh44ZrodTwitter8:13 AM

Ryan Cody 🧼👋🏼verified_userRyanThomasCodyWhat do you think of Sweden’s approach to handling coronavirus? The country decided to stay open and has a similar mortality rate to the U.S. #TodayInAZ https://t.co/GLlD5edc6mTwitter9:05 AM

Holly Epstein Ojalvoverified_userheojKey point re Sweden’s coronavirus strategy: “While comparisons to Denmark and Norway may be apt, comparisons to larger, more diverse countries are not” https://t.co/M2Nvi3fu2KTwitter7:26 AMView on Twitterarrow_forward

Local coverage from Stockholm, Sweden

Gustav Lloyd Agerblad and the face of state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP

Meet the Swede who tattooed a state epidemiologist’s face on his arm

Whether you’re for or against Sweden’s softer approach to coronavirus lockdowns, there is no denying state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has become a …

Five Stockholm restaurants closed over social distancing breaches

Stockholm health officials have ordered the closure of five bars and restaurants that they said had failed to respect social distancing guidelines

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Austin American-Statesman

Swedish official Anders Tegnell says herd immunity in Sweden might be a few weeks away

Sweden, unlike its Nordic neighbors Denmark and Norway – and virtually every other country in the western world – has resisted extensive lockdown restrictions …

Sweden is taking a very different approach to Covid-19

Swedish policy is predicated on trust between citizens and government. Will it work

Daily Signal

How Close Is US to Herd Immunity for COVID-19?

Every person who has been infected with COVID-19 and recovered, or infected and remained asymptomatic, will help contribute to herd immunity


Fact check: Franklin Graham says Sweden avoided infection without lockdown

While cheering President Donald Trump’s ideas for “opening up America” amid COVID-19, the Rev. Franklin Graham suggested on Facebook that Trump’s ..

Swedes in Kungsträdgården, a park in Stockholm, on Sunday. People have been asked rather than ordered to stay at home.

Don’t judge Sweden’s light touch on Covid-19 yet, says minister

But Ann Linde warns of tougher action after Stockholm pubs are shut for breaking rulesInternational

A health worker extracts blood from a patient to perform an antibody test for COVID-19 at the Dworska Hospital in Krakow, Poland

Sweden’s U.S. Ambassador Says Stockholm Is Close to COVID-19 Herd Immunity

There is currently no scientific proof that people who have recovered from COVID-19 are protected from a second infection


The Predicted Coronavirus Catastrophe Hasn’t Arrived In Sweden. What’s Next?

Around Stockholm lately it appears as if a growing number of people are moving on from the early depths of coronavirus anxiety. Does that mean its ..

euronews (in English)

Coronavirus: Germany’s COVID-19 infection rate rises after lockdown lifted



Sweden And Denmark Took Very Different Approaches To Fighting The Coronavirus. The Data Shows Many More People Are Dying In Sweden.

Sweden has seen a 34.5% increase in excess deaths this month compared to a 6.5% rise in Denmark

People have lunch at a restaurant in Stockholm amid the coronavirus pandemic

Sweden ambassador: Stockholm could reach herd immunity by May

Sweden has taken a controversial approach to the coronavirus pandemic, imposing fewer restrictions than neighbours

Sweden: Don’t Judge Light Virus Approach Too Early

Sweden’s foreign minister says it’s too early to judge the country’s more lax approach to fighting the coronavirus, and that stricter measures may yet be enforced ..

Swedish Citizens Honoring Its Chief Epidemiologist With Tattoo Tributes

Swedes say Anders Tegnell deserves all the ink he’s getting for the way “he has been standing straight in the frontline” during the crisis. Johan Ahlander and …

AFP News Agency

Man tattoos face of Sweden state epidemiologist on arm | AFP

Yahoo News

‘Face’ of Sweden’s virus response immortalised in tattoo

While Sweden’s softer approach to the new coronavirus has drawn international attention, the country’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has become a ..


Why Sweden refuses to lockdown


People buy vegetables amid fences and signage placed to reduce congestion due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Möllevångstorget market square in Malmö, Sweden, on April 25, 2020 (Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/Reuters)

With science and shared values, Sweden charts own pandemic course

The Swedish government has relied on the public’s communal values, rather than a strict lockdown, in the fight against the coronavirus

People drink and eat at an outdoor restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, Sunday, April 26, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sweden has kept large parts of society open for normal life to continue while observing some advice, although this has also attracted criticism. (Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via AP)


Coronavirus herd immunity will be achieved in Stockholm in the next few weeks, according to Swedish Ambassador

In major parts of Sweden, around Stockholm, we have reached a plateau (in new cases) and we’re already seeing the effect of herd immunity and in a few …2 days ago

Sweden records deadliest week this century with 2,505 fatalities as it resists coronavirus lockdown

The figure is almost 150 more deaths than in the second deadliest week in 2000, which saw 2364 people die during the first week of the year. Pictured: Bars …

Stockholm ‘could achieve herd immunity in May’: Claim by Swedish ambassador to the US

Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter, the country’s ambassador to the US, told the US’s National Public Radio (NPR) that ‘about 30 per cent of people in Stockholm have ..International

People enjoy the spring weather at an outdoor restaurant in Stockholm

Lockdown-free Sweden shuts bars for not keeping to social distancing rules but still trusts public to beat

SWEDEN has forced the closure of five Stockholm bars and restaurants after they were found failing to meet social distancing guidelines. It comes as the usually ..International


Sweden’s coronavirus experiment proves that the UK really is doing the right thing

Finally, the Coronavirus puzzle is starting to look less puzzling. Deadly infectious diseases require quarantine if spreading exponentially. Consequently it is …

Yass Tribune

Stockholm shuts restaurants to fight virus

Five restaurants in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, have been closed for failing to adhere to the rules on the crowding of guests introduced to stem the sprea..International

Sweden suffers worst week for deaths this CENTURY despite claiming it had passed coronavirus peak without

SWEDEN has suffered its highest death rate this century despite claiming it had passed the peak of coronavirus infection. The Scandinavian country is the only …International

The Australian

Coronavirus: The man who convinced Sweden not to go into lockdown

As the world went into lockdown, one man, Anders Tegnell, convinced Sweden to try a different approach to tackling coronavirus. The countrys state …International

Sweden shuts five bars and restaurants that refused to observe social distancing rules

Restaurants and bars are only allowed to provide table *service*, with tables spaced one to two metres apart to prevent overcrowding, authorities said SundayInternational


There Is No Lockdown In Sweden Even When The Covid-19 Cases Are Increasing

When the entire world is struggling and suffering the ravages of this fatal virus, there is one country who has decided to carry on their daily activities with

The Times

Anders Tegnell, the man who convinced Sweden not to go into lockdown

Sweden’s state epidemiologist tells Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester why his nation’s schools are open and herd immunity is still on the agenda.2 days ago

Yakima Herald-Republic

Sweden’s approach to handling COVID-19: All things in moderation

While this global pandemic grows in some areas and shrinks in others, different strategies are used to confront the coronavirus.2 days ago

TRT World

Turkey sends plane for Covid-19 diagnosed citizen in Sweden

video_youtube2 days ago

Sweden’s virus expert is so popular that people are getting his FACE as a tattoo

Anders Tegnell, 63, state epidemiologist with the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the architect of its Covid-19 response, is so popular that people in …2 days agoInternational

The Australian

Coronavirus: Swedes dancing to their own beat amid growing fears

As the singer screamed another chorus and the smoke machine whirred, the crowd went wild — or as wild as they could standing a metre apart.2 days ago

The National

David Pratt: How Sweden is tackling the coronavirus pandemic

ONCE upon a very long time ago I lived in Sweden. It wasn’t an especially lengthy stay, probably a little more than a year or so. I had gone there…3 days agoInternational


World view: how Sweden are tackling coronavirus

Trusting its citizens to act responsibly and for the good of all without the need for lockdown, has left Sweden’s ‘new normal’ looking…3 days agoInternational


How Sweden faced the coronavirus without a lockdown

Trust is high in Sweden — in government, institutions and fellow Swedes. When the government defied conventional wisdom and refused to order a wholesale …


Sweden says its coronavirus approach has worked. The numbers show a different story

Sweden has been an outlier during the coronavirus outbreak. The country has not joined many of its European neighbors in imposing strict limits on citizens’ …

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