Hong Kong protest, NFL ranking, India gets Rafale jets, Google posts first time loss in history and more news

  1. A baseless US conspiracy theory found a foothold in Europe. Research shows how
  2. Multiple Hong Kong pro-democracy candidates disqualified from election
  3. Belarus arrests Russian mercenaries as rift grows between Putin and Lukashenko
  4. Japan finally announced a fee for plastic bags. Will that stop its obsession with plastic?
  5. Why masks are the new Italian fashion statement
  6. Exclusive: Russia says foreign inquiries about its potential fast-track Covid-19 vaccine are pouring in. But questions abound
  7. Ex-Marine jailed for 9 years by Russian court. US envoy says trial was ‘theater of the absurd’
  8. Three sisters killed their father. Despite a history of abuse, they’re facing murder charges
  9. US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here’s why it matters
  10. Miami’s Little Haiti wasn’t a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise
  11. How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis
  12. Pelicans, Jazz kneel for national anthem before NBA’s restart opener
  13. Report: 6-time Pro-Bowl RB joining Brady, Gronk
  14. MLB sends harsh, fair message to Dodgers
  15. Two Phillies staffers have Covid
  16. Report: MLB to suspend players for stealing signs
  17. The NFL 100 rankings that need a re-do
  18. Mortgages are wild. Tame yours with rates as low as 2.47% APR (15yr)
  19. Experts urge Americans to refinance in 2020
  20. Historic Rate Alert: As low as 2.47% APR(15Yr)
  21. Inside Brazil’s cult of hydroxychloroquine
  22. Paradise restored: how Costa Rica saved its biodiversity
  23. Why Japan’s fighter jets are under unrelenting pressure
  24. Hong Kong’s vast $3.8 billion rain-tunnel network
  25. Intermittent fasting and a new passion helped him lose 95 pounds
  26. New Zealand slavery conviction is just the tip of the iceberg, experts say
  27. It looks like a virus’: Australia’s new trade logo proves controversial
  28. India is blocking more apps in the wake of the TikTok ban
  29. Two things are clear about the alarming plummet in US relations with China
  30. Durian fruit: A smell so rotten, a taste so sweet
  31. 16 years old and stuck in solitary confinement 23 hours a day because of coronavirus
  32. Wheelchair basketball player considers leg amputation after rule change
  33. Unfortunately for Boris Johnson, much of Europe has moved on from Brexit
  34. Whipped cream, fly and drone sculpture unveiled in London
  35. Serial runaway bear nicknamed ‘Papillon’ is on the loose again in Italy
  36. Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?
  37. The hotel designed for likes
  38. Luxury atop one of the world’s tallest hotels
  39. India gets Rafale fighter jets from France, boosting its air force
  40. Separated couples fight for travel exemptions, say ‘love is essential’
  41. How the Hope Mars mission will make history in the UAE
  42. Coronavirus lockdowns are fueling an ‘explosion’ of anti-Semitism online
  43. Global air travel won’t recover till 2024, says airline body
  44. Whipped cream topped with a fly and drone is Trafalgar Square’s latest sculpture
  45. Alzheimer’s blood test in your doctor’s office closer to reality, studies say
  46. The retail behemoth continues to see a surge in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic
  47. Google parent Alphabet posts first revenue decline in company history
  48. Facebook stock jumps 7% as pandemic leads to user bump
  49. Lyft plans to offer car rentals across much of US
  50. This is the only city in America where unemployment is actually falling
  51. Permanent WFH: Easier said than done
  52. Dow and S&P 500 tumble after a deluge of bad economic data
  53. A former KGB spy explains Russian disinformation tactics
  54. US economy posts worst drop on record
  55. Opinion: The argument for cutting the $600 unemployment benefit doesn’t add up
  56. Stelter: The threat to democracy we all should have seen coming
  57. California Pizza Kitchen files for bankruptcy
  58. Coca-Cola is launching its first hard seltzer
  59. A smarter way to bank and save. Start today!
  60. Facebook stock jumps 7% as pandemic helps make its audience even bigger
  61. Late-night host pokes fun at tech CEOs after hearing

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