Internet traffic surge during Coronavirus pandemic.

More traffic surge during Coronavirus pandemic.

Everybody is working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic and people are worried about internet glitch. You may be using skype, zoom, online streaming services, or watching youtube and feeling network is slow but behind the scene, things are more complex and interesting.

There is an increase in traffic during the last couple of weeks because isolation and homestay made everyone to stick with the internet and mandatory work from home situation. This was not on this much big scale before coronavirus pandemic but government lockdown put people at home and make them work from home and everything is online. People are chatting, doing video conferencing, playing games, streaming and a lot more than that which takes a lot of bandwidth and internet traffic. As more people started using the internet our network infrastructure is feeling the heat and companies like Facebook, Zoom, YouTube are trying to keep it running.

The internet is a robust and scalable network and was specifically designed to adapt to accommodate huge spikes in traffic without having big issues. There is an incredible number of apps, applications, and platforms that are using internet infrastructure which makes the internet very useful and engaging. Most of the developed country’s internet infrastructure is better prepared for this type of situation like COVID-19 pandemic. Big internet giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google are not worried about internet robustness but they are worried about the platforms which might not be able to handle a sudden surge in traffic and might crash or go down. One thing is for sure internet traffic is an all-time high and more and more people are online.

Before Coronavirus pandemic most of the internet traffic was up during evening time when people use to come back from work and start watching online streaming services. After government homestay order and pandemic millions of people started working from home and engaged online internet traffic went up during lunchtime.

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