Kaamyaab movie public reaction

The sad part is everybody will praise the movie here, but nobody will go to watch the movie in theaters 😔😔

Red chillies starring most under-rated actors sanjay Mishra and deepak dobariyal in lead roles. Does that indicate bwood’s rise above nepotism???

No to Suryavanshi… Yes to Sanjay Mishra “Kaamyaab” 🤩

Beside being a fan of overrated star kids like varun, Tiger, Etc. Etc. and some waste but privileged actors, It’s far better to be a fan of Artists like sanjay mishra, Pankaj Tripathi, Ranvir shorey, Deepak dobriyal, saurabh shukla, Kumud mishra, Adil Hussain and the list goes on…

I watched the trailer 3 times back to back. Last night I watched his interview where he said , it is fine being not famous with your name. I love being remembered for my roles and not just for my name. #proudbihari #sanaymishra

Salute to all those “side kicks” = legends who act funny just to highlight the main lead usually a product of nepotism Salute to sanjay mishra Johnny lever Manoj tripathi And so many others i am literally in tears while writing this comment.. You are the real gems.. Real gems..Show less

Srk Supporting Sanjay Mishra…. That does put smile on my face…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎

फिल्म ऐसी बनानी चाहिए जिससे कि हमारे देश में और इंसानियत की सीख मिले जिससे कि जात पात धर्म और गरीब सभी एक दूसरे को सम्मान भाव से देखें और रहें।

इधर सब ज्ञानी लोग, ज्ञान पेलेंगे लेकिन जब movie आएगी तब कोई नहीं देखने जाएंगे।

Sanjay mishra is king of comedy timming and easily done that….

SRK ka naam iss movie se judne ki wajah se iss film ko achha khasa buzz mil raha 😘😘😘😘

Brad Pitt played role of stuntman where Leonardo De caprio was hero, “Once upon a time in Hollywood” is a masterpiece Bollywood can’t reach that’s level atleast in next 20 yrs. Here movie is made for stardom and business. Audience are like ” enjoying movie or option hi Kya hai”Show less

संजय m हिरो नहि हिरा हे 🙏

Sanjay mishra sahaab is a gods gift for all of us, he is a great actor equally great person may God bless you sir

I’m glad SRK is backing such a film not withstanding the box office collections, these actors deserve the recognition

For people in the comment section who will say “sanjay mishra is a greatest actor, bollywood should make such films” , go and watch this movie in theatre, shouting on social media won’t do anything..

“It doesn’t acknowledge that the industry is more fluid now, with the prime example being Nawazuddin Siddiqui.” Even with all of Nawaz’s talent, he would never be cast as the leading man in the way an Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan might. And he is the exception to the rule. Whereas countless talentless hacks get starring roles day in day out thanks to the power/money that their families hold. This is compared to even the ’80s and ’90s where people like Shahrukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, and Govinda were outsiders who had to work their way into the industry, and people like Ajay Devgan and Aamir Khan did not come from ‘influential’ Bollywood families. If you talk about how the industry has become more fluid by making an example of the handful who have made it to semi-stardom out of the hundreds who come every single day; as compared to the people who get launches owing to their surname on a daily basis, you are part of the problem.

Is this an homage to THE Sudheer? bugger passed away few years ago a rich lonely man that loved his drink. Tabassum talkies actually profiled him. To catch a cool film where he played a meaty role, watch Raaste Ke Patthar. One of Amitabh’s early films. Watch it for the Stylist’s choices.

One day , one of them so called as director will make a remake of this movie in 2055 and you knw- the actors will be Varun and Arjun . No one will remember both in future 🤪😁🤪

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