Niece Meena Harris Reveals that Kamala Harris was criticized for being ‘Too Black’ and a woman,

Niece Meena Harris Reveals that Kamala Harris was criticized for being ‘Too Black’ and a woman,

The niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, Meena Harris, has opened up about the impact the former had on her as she grew up.

“A feminist household is all I’ve ever known,” Meena, 36, told The Times in an interview. She said that the whole notion of men being in charge before she went out to work was not something she was comfortable with. She defines her family unit – her grandmother, her mother Maya, her aunt Kamala and herself – as being fierce and made up entirely of women.

The sister of Kamala Harris and the mother of Meena, Maya, is also a well-known figure. In 2016, she was one of the senior policy experts for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. When she was just 17 and still in high school, Maya gave birth to Meena. On the weekends, Kamala Harris will then be looking after Meena, the latter revealed in the interview.

She also opened up about her “unique upbringing.” As a child, she said she was taught that ambition needs to be celebrated and that means chasing your dreams and having faith in yourself.

She also spoke about how children were often included in adult discussions in their families because her family felt that children should learn and listen as they grew up.

Meena also opened up about how over the years Kamala has been blamed for being simply a woman or a woman of colour.

Meena told The Times that Kamala was once called “an old white guy” by “too ambitious” People have attempted to drag the Vice President down all her life by either claiming that she was too young, or that she was too black, or that she was too young or too much of a woman.

Yet, they were all proven wrong by Kamala Harris.

As a senator and now as the Vice President, Harris’ path is one of the first. By becoming the first woman, black and Indian-American vice president of the United States, she scripted history. She was a county district attorney; the first woman and first African-American and Indian-origin district attorney for San Francisco to be elected to the position.

In her novel,’ Ambitious Girl’, Meena discussed similar topics. The book focuses on a girl of color’s journey who was told she was “too assertive” and “too ambitious” and how it takes her on a road to self-discovery.

Meena also talked about gender roles within her own family in the same interview. While Meena concentrated on her writing career, her husband, Nikolas Ajagu, gave up his job to be a full-time dad to their two children.

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