A survey in the US reveals that within the next month only 5 percent of people will be able to return to exercise facilities and about a fifth will return in the next three months.

This caution is also supported by medical professionals. Dr James Voos, president of orthopedic surgery at the Cleveland Center University of Hospitals, has produced a study that examines how contagious places such as gyms are. “The conditions are where transmissible diseases can easily spread when you have a relatively large number of people who work and sweat in a contained space,” said Dr. Voos.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Sandra Kesh says the safest place for exercise is outside.

But which alternatives are better for outdoor use? We’ve completed three of the best activities to maintain a healthy body and mind while outdoors and enjoying nature.


All right, it is not the traditional form of exercise, but if you want to distance yourself from the community and take advantage of nature, it is nothing like paddleboarding.

Why not try trying it on your local net. In the UK the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester is an idyllic place to paddleboard. It is definitely not Mediterranean, but as the towpaths are also crowded with joggers and cyclists-with all the room you have on the beach, you can’t help but feel a little bit of smuggling.

Increases core strength – Stand-up paddleboarding requires your core muscles, strengthens your stamina and your muscle toning while strengthening your back, legs, spine, and shoulders at the same time.

Constructs stability – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fun activity that you can do hours before you see that you have exercised. It’s a low impact preparation that provides an ideal solution to injury-prone athletes.

Improve joint flexibility – Balancing on a SUP board allows small muscles in the foot and lower leg to be imitated in exercises for physical therapy to treat plantar fasciitis and other conditions. The dynamics on the board with an element of water instability use the muscles critical to balance and joint support so as to prevent recreation.

Reduces stress – A great reduction of stress blends the strong experience that you have on your boat, appreciate nature and socialize with other paddlers and the indescribable feeling of standing on boat. Stand Up Paddlers show a sense of well-being almost universally after going for the paddle, close to “runners strong” but without rigorous exercise.

Vitamin D – Paddle Boarding takes you outdoors in the sun, which makes the vitamin D necessary to make your body, of which too many people inside are too time deficient. For calcium development, healthy bones, and picturesque mental processing, vitamin D is essential.


A more traditional choice, but consideration as a gym alternative is worth considering.
Regular cycling has safety advantages:

  • increased strength of the cardiovascular
  • Enhanced strength and flexibility of muscle
  • Joint mobility enhanced
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Enhanced position and coordination
  • Bones reinforced
  • Reduced amounts of body fat
  • Disease prevention or management
  • Lowered depression and anxiety.


Yes, we could have put the list on, but it seemed a bit too apparent-so it’s an eco-cousin. Of course, there would be no environmental harm going for jogging, but plogging is an opportunity to really have a positive effect on the local community.

What is it, however? Plogging works or jogs during litter-picking simultaneously. It’s a Swedish craze and a cloak of jogging and plucking – where runners take waste while running.

Relief of pain

Tampering is an operation of high intensity that makes it a great relief for stress. When you ride the cardiac velocity, it speeds up and releases chemical endorphins that increase your mood. In addition, running is also a form of exercise that involves less intensive thinking to release these feel-good endorphins and encourages the mind to calm down and helps to let go of the negative thoughts that might be harming it.

Training time
Compared to interval training, plogging incorporates fast running with concentrated lungs and squats over short bursts. Interval exercise increases stamina and takes more calories to and from workouts than regular fitness and fat burning.

No-blues in winter
Thanks to the limited daylight hours, we tend not to get enough vitamin D in the colder winter months, so that is why it’s beneficial for both fresh air and some vitamin D to take your training outdoors in place of a gym (as long as there is no rain). Getting outside also will get you closer to a healthy lifestyle – a mantra that connects nature and makes swedes as safe and happy.

However, these aren; not my tips only. David Brudö, CEO of the mental well-being program and co-founder of Remente, has other suggestions as to how plogging improves your mind and your happiness:

Enhances trust and flexibility
A lack of control is part of the explanation behind your own consciousness, which in effect strengthens your confidence and helps you to mix rubbish picking, running. Irrespective of weight , size or gender, exercise will easily provide evidence of strength and commitment, including weight loss, desirable confidence and self-esteem and value sensations.

Supports joy and anti-depression
Too many ideas have overpowered a great deal of anxiety, which can change into a state of depression if those thoughts are negative. If you concentrate on identifying and gathering waste on your route, your thoughts can be placed in place quickly and easily and deal with any negative aspects.

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