Source of so much Happiness

The word Himalaya is derived from the Sanskrit words: hima, meaning “snow,” and alaya, meaning “home,” the home of snow. I would like to make you aware that the Himalayas are not just the home of snow but also a stronghold of yogic wisdom and spirituality for millions of people, irrespective of their religious convictions. There still exists this ancient and rich tradition today, as these unique mountains continue to whisper their spiritual glory to all who have an ear to hear.

“Let the world and you belittle. Let’s be on the spiritual path.’
Love to nature, love to creatures, love to the Whole.
Do you need psychological analysis to find the source of so much happiness, of so many songs, dreams, and beauties in nature? This gospel of nature speaks its parables from the streams of glaciers, valleys laden with lilies, forests covered with flowers, and starlight. This gospel reveals that emphatic knowledge through which one learns the truth in all its majesty and glory and beholds the good.
Man’s mind should be trained to love nature, before looking through his life’s corridor.
With darkness and mist, the pain and miseries of life disappear when the sun rises.
Death has been a constant source of misery for ages but man learns to become one with the infinite and the eternal at death.

When one sits on the tops of the mountains in the mornings and evenings, he can see beauty all around. He can understand, if he is a spiritual man, how this beauty is an inseparable aspect of the Lord, whose attributes are Satyam, Shivam, and Sundaram — truth, eternity, and beauty.

Each morning, afternoon, evening, and night, has its own beauty that no language can ever describe. The mountains change their colors many times a day, because the sun is at the service of those mountains. They are silvery in the morning, golden at midday, and look fiery in the evening.

In the evening when the weather is clearing and the sun is breaking through the clouds, it seems as if the mighty Painter was pouring out millions of colors on the snowy peaks, creating paintings that could never be duplicated by the brushes and colors of the artists’ tiny fingers.

Beauty remains bound within the limits of human realms unless heartfully appreciated. He becomes a true artist when one becomes aware of the higher level of beauty that projects itself through nature. I realized nature was very tranquil. She only frightens those who are disturbed but she teaches wisdom to those who admire and appreciate her beauty.

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