Windows 10 upgrade slowing down PC

Windows 10 update framework is overhauled by Microsoft

Users will now be able to block unwanted versions of Windows 10 and to pick the exact version of the operating system they want to run.

While the update deferment of Microsoft has recently been revoked, which has allowed Windows 10 users to repress the functional updates for a certain period (up to a maximum of 365 days).

Upgrade to Windows 10

There are now two ways for users to delay installing updates of Windows 10 under the new system which is meant to “prevent confusion,” says Microsoft.
The deferment function can still be configured by company users on the operating system using group policies while the Advanced Update options are removed.

Microsoft has released its own tool for restoring Windows file, which is intended to restore files you deleted mistake. Windows File Recovery is a command line software that restores a range of local hard drive files and papers, USB drives, and even cameras with SD cards. Cloud storage and/or network file sharing recovery software is not supported, however.

As any file restore tool, you need to use it on deleted files as soon as possible to make sure that it is not overwritten. You can use the new Microsoft tool to recover the typical Word , Excel, and PowerPoint documents for MP3 files, MP4 videos, PDF files, JPG images.

The slow-down comments were reported in the Microsoft forums at the beginning. For his post titled “KB4559309 Patch Makes Machine Unbearably Slow,” consumer PaulWaite1 didn’t have thin words.

This gets worse, as he states, “After that time my machine output has tanked absolutely. My startup time is probably three times, loading each of the window is a few seconds delay.” However, he can not uninstall the update and make things any worse with the ultimate nightmare.

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